Attachments in the recurrent events


I have 2 questions regarding recurrent event and modified occurences with attachments:

  1. For example I create master recurrent event with attachments in Outlook and then change some occurrences, EWS gives different IDs for same attachments in master and in modified occurrences, but actually attachments are belongs to master, so if I have master with 20mb attachments and 10 modified occurrences (without their own attachments) then I’ll download about 300MB that is not correct as, it’s actually 1 attachment that belongs to master event. How can I recognize such duplication in events (as id is different each modified occurrence and master). I’m pretty sure that exchange doesn’t duplicates it.

  2. Almost same question but when I create a PST with calendar and same master recurrent event with modified occurrences, how can I specify using your library that master has attachment and that this attachment will present in modified occurrences (as this normal Outlook / exchange behaviour - in the modified occurrences you still see master attachments) without attach this attachment to each modified occurrence, as this will dramatically increase PST size.




I have observed the questions shared. We are looking in to questions and will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.