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AudioFrame and Video Frame problem


How can i get the AudioFram file name ,i am able to get the Audiodata and writing to it with new file name,but i want to save it with the same name.and how can i access the videoFrame that i can store it to new file .

Thanx in Advanced.

If AudioFrame contains embedded data instead of link then Aspose.Slides doesn’t allow to read file name but it can be implemented easy enough.

For VideoFrame you can get path to real file name. Check VideoFrame.FileName property.
So to get video data you can simply read this file.


Is video frame can be embedded in the slid ,if yes how can i read its data and make a copy of it,it audio is not embedded can i access the file name and data.

Video can be only linked to presentations but not embedded.
How to read file name and video data I wrote in the previous post.