Auto field fill-in - Adobe Form Designer?


Hello - I have successfully (using the API) filled in values of my own choosing using the sample student.pdf file and created an output file (I referenced the ASPOSE.PDF.KIT FAQ) !

However, when I use my own PDF files that I created using Adobe Form Designer, they do not work. Support emailed me letting me know that version 7.0 wasn't the best, to use 6.0. I do not have version 6.0, so I'm using the Save As, STATIC ver 6 PDF option.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong, everything seems so straighforward to me. I even opened the student.pdf file in Adobe Designer 7.0, saved as a 6.0 pdf and a 7.0 pdf and no luck.

Also, I noticed that when I use the sample student.pdf file (82k) the output.pdf (after the fields are processed) file size grows to 112k! Is this file growth typical?

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Dear srossi,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The pdf created by Adobe Designer 7.0 is supported, but because the field names are not easily got like the earlier version, you should get the exact field name like this wiki:

Any more question is welcome.

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Hello - Thank you for the reply, sadly it hasn't helped me.

When I look at the Wiki, I see the instructions on how to get the numeric representation of the field. When I go into Adobe Designer 7, i go to the TOOLS menu, and I only see there options - template, customize, options.

There is not Advanced Editing section. I blindly tried the sample numeric code in the wiki (figuring at least one of my textfields had to be 0,0,0) I tried that and it didn't work. The system outputs a pdf file, just not one that is populated with text. Do you have any other suggestions?

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I am sorry!!! - I read the document again and it didn’t instruct me to use Adobe Designer, it instructed me to use Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 - my mistake - I will try that now!


I’ve been trying (using Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional) to use the Advanced Editing features as outlined in the Wiki – Nearly all of the options under ‘Advanced Editing’ are greyed out. I am unsure how to enable them. Do you have any suggestions for this problem I have encountered?


Dear srossi,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit!

Normally fields in PDF documents from Adobe Designer 7 will be disable from being editing, so you will see the 'Advanced Editing' function is greyed out.

However, we can still find the name of fields, though it may seem to be troublesome.

1.Please open PDF document with text editing tools, such as Word/Notepad/Ultraedit and so on.

2.Search for the short name of the field to be filled, such as "YourName", and you will find something like this:
29 0 obj<</Rect[235.701 616.323 334.913 636.165]/TM(form1[0].#subform[0].YourName[0])/Subtype/Widget/TU(Text Field)/Parent 21 0 R/F 4/P 8 0 R/Q 0/T/StructParent 2/DA(/MyriadPro-Regular 10.00 Tf 0 g)/FT/Tx/Type/Annot/MK<>>>

3.Notice about the red text, we know that the full field name of "YourName" is : "form1[0].#subform[0].YourName[0]".

Sorry for the inconvenience, and any other question is welcomed.


I am not sure if Adobe Designer and Adobe LiveCycle Designer are the same thing, but if it is so, you can see the full name of element in the script edition toolbar (it is hidden by default).




Thanks for Hubert's good advice!

Actually Adobe Designer and Adobe LiveCycle Designer are the same thing, the former is a just short name of the latter.

It's true that user can get field's full name through "Script Editor" of Designer in the menu "Window".Get the specified field selected, and the full name will appeare in the script editor window.

This way is much wiser than what I suggested above. Thanks for Hubert's sharing his experience again Smile [:)]

Best regards.


Thank you everyone for your help. I have verified that the best way (if you’re using version 7 of Adobe Form Designer) is to actually open up the source PDF in a text editor and search for the binding name - that will give you the correct handler string to put in your code.

Thanks Again