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Auto Save not working

Hi again,

I'm binding a LinQ object to the Aspose.Grid and well ... the data is binding fine now ... but when i modify onscreen data and press the "Save" button or the "Red tick"...i get Javascript errors.

This is the most recent error i recieved:

Line: 1932
Char: 38
Error: 'this.get_element().style' is null or not an object
Code: 0
URL: `http://localhost/XXXX/XXXX/NameOfMyFile.aspx`

Any ideas?


Which version of grid control are u using? Also I need to know which version of browser you are using. And could you post your source file here?


I resolved the issue. Apparently your control doesnt like Microsoft's AJAX Update pannel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as though Aspose.Grid is dependant on a post back after the "Save" event. Might be something to do with all the JavaScript you guys have written?

What's happening now - is that the "Save" button isnt actually saving the data back against the database. I dont know if it's some sort of a compatibility issue with LinQ, but my on-screen LinQ object has been enabled with Auto Update routines - so by all mean's - it should work ...

I guess i could try to capture the data manually from Aspose.Grid and use code-behind LinQ to save against the database ... but that defeats the purpose of having bought the control in the first place.

Regarding source code - my LinQ object has been dragged from Microsoft's Toolbox pannel and configured against a common LingQ object pointing to a SQL Server database.

Please advise ...


Currently the grid doesn't support LinQ updating. We will support this feature in the future version. Thank you for considering our product.

I'm still getting the error message.

Seeing your an expert on the matter ... thought I'd just correct you on your last post ...

The grid does support LinQ - Inserting, Updating and Deleting.

The above error message was caused by the grids incomatibility with Microsoft AJAX Update pannel.

As soon as the grid is taken out of an Update pannel ... it works fine, but any triggers within the Update pannel have no effect on the grid if it is not within the same update context.

Cutting the post short - the Grid has a long way to go.

My work around involved NESTING UPDATE PANNELS.

So in a scenario where there are multiple auto postback triggers for a form... the Aspose grid will need to have it's own Update Pannel with all settings on default.

I also had to write some Javascript to ignore general window errors, knowing that the errors were generated by Grid/Update pannel incompatibility issues.