Autogenerated numbers

I am using aspose.word to convert docx files to doc files. In this process if docx file has autogenrated number (lists) then doc file also gets autogenrated numbers. Is there a way for me to use any properties to set during conversion which will convert autogenrated numbers to static ones ?

Thanks for your inquiry. No there is no direct way to achieve this. Aspose.Words does not provide ability to access auto generated numbers. So if you would like to change this numbers to static text you should calculate this numbers. Why do you need such behavior?
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Thanks for your response.
Here is what my application is doing

  1. Uses aspose to convert docx file to doc
  2. Uses another third party component to do html conversion of converted doc file
  3. Passes both converted doc file and html to third component which then does analysis thes documents

This last components uses both doc and html file and has some algorithm which maps content of doc file to html. This component is failing because html do not have autogenerated numbers and doc does have it. I communicated with component which is doing html conversion and they told me that they are not able to have autogenerated numbers in html because those get generated only when you open document using word and they do not use word.
I am kind of stuck here, while coding I did see that you allow getting lists from documents but all those properties are readonly and I have no way to change them.

Thank you for additional information.

  1. Actually HTML has auto numbered lists. For example
<li>Item 1</li>
<li>Item 2</li>
<li>Item 3</li>
<li>Item 4</li>

You can also try using Aspose.Words for converting DOC to HTML.
2. Which list’s properties would you like to change? Could you please provide your code example?
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Here is what I did

  1. Used Aspose.Words to convert document from docx to html
  2. Used Aspose.Words to convert document from html to word
    Here is simple code snippet that I have used
if (Document.DetectFileFormat(m_inputFilePath) == LoadFormat.Docx)
    Document doc = new Document(m_inputFilePath);
    string tempHTMLPath = m_outputFilePath + "_.html";
    doc.Save(tempHTMLPath, SaveFormat.Html);
    Document doc1 = new Document(tempHTMLPath);
    doc1.Save(m_outputFilePath, SaveFormat.Doc);
    return true;

Please see attached documents…what I am seeing is that when docx is converted to html autogenerated lists are preserved. Search following text in html file

  1. Fisher’s Submission #1
  2. Fisher’s Submission #2

No search same text in doc file which converted from html…you will see that it is setting all autogenrated numbers to a. instead of incrementing it to b.

Thank you for additional information. Note that it is impossible to get output HTML 100% exact to the original MS Word document. Also it is impossible to keep document the same after converting DOC to HTML to DOC.
Regarding list numbers it is known issue # 1515 in our defect database. I will notify you as soon as it is fixed.
Best regards.