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Automatic page breaks and how to deal with them

Greetings Aspose Support,

Bit of an odd one this, however, here we go.

I have a spreadsheet that a client has knocked together as a template, on his PC the page break is set at 65 columns, yet, on my pc when I look at the template I have a manual page break of 65 AND a dashed (automatic) page break of 62. How do you control the automatic page breaks within excel?

I figure when I generate the template I can clear all page breaks and then add them manually, however, I'd prefer not to do that.

What do you guys suggest? Do you need more information?

Thanks again :)



Please see the document for you reference:

You may remove the existing page breaks and then add the page breaks accordingly via Aspose.Cells APIs for your needs.

Thank you.

@Amjad_Sahi : Hi, how do we proceed if we don’t know the exact location where the automatic page breaks are coming.


Do you need to split the page only according to your custom page breaks and you do not want the page to be splitted at the auto page breaks. Well, I am afraid, it is impossible because there is no such kind of data in MS Excel’s settings or data collection.

By the way, we think you have to manipulate the content by yourself, such as, insert blank rows/columns around the auto page breaks.


Is it possible through Aspose.Cells in .Net ?


Well, it is possible to insert blank rows/columns into the sheet and measure the content width, such as row height/column width, page count of the worksheet, etc. However, we do not know what’s the expected result by you. It is better for you to provide us an example to show what you want to get.
Commonly, the auto page breaks are created automatically because the content to be printed is out of the range that can be printed onto one page. For such kind of scenario/case, maybe you need to change other settings, such as, paper size, zoom factor of the sheet, etc. to get the expected results.