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Automation of cells in a table

I’m comfortable setting up a table and assigning text to a specific cell. Is there a way to automate a cell so it will change the value on-click?

For example, cell (0,5) is assigned text “Bananas” and I want it to change to “Grapes” through automation with the user clicking through the presentation. I don’t want to advance to a new slide or change any of the other values. Currently I only see a way to automate an entire table, not text within individual cells.

My alternative is to use LOTS of shapes, but management seems more unruly than using a table.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed your requirements and like to share that the answer lies in the first part of your query where by you have mentioned that you are able to assign text to special cells of table. Please visit this documentation link that will allow you to access the added table. So, as you mentioned that you want to automate the process that on click of button some or any particular cell values get changed. In your code for button handler, you access the given table cell or cells and set the values as per your convenience. Please share, if I may help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,

I should clarify a bit.  I'm not looking to use a button, I'm looking to advance 
through a presentation by using the "OnClick" trigger.  I have a value set for the 
cell and I want to replace it with a different value multiple times without creating 
a cloned slide.  I'm not sure if I can access a cell from the automation sequence.

Here is an example, although only the first line works.

tbl[3, 3].TextFrame.Text = "Hello";
slide.Timeline.MainSequence.AddEffect(tbl[3,3].TextFrame.Text = "Bye", EffectTypeEx.Appear, EffectSubtypeEx.None, EffectTriggerTypeEx.OnClick);

slide.Timeline.MainSequence.AddEffect(tbl[3,3].TextFrame.Text = “Welcome Back”, EffectTypeEx.Appear, EffectSubtypeEx.None, EffectTriggerTypeEx.OnClick);

Hi Dennis,

I have tried to understand the requirement shared by you. Can you please share the complete requirement in the form of sample presentation and application that I may use on my end to help you further.

Many Thanks,