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Availabillity request


we are currently using the dotnet Excel interop to accomplish certain layouting in excel spreadsheets like page orientation, page width, plage flow (100% widdth but flow vertically) and etc.

However we are running into trouble with this approach. Therefor we are considering the purchase of the Aspose component to accomplish this. However before we proceed into testing, I would like to know if the Aspose Excel component allows implementation of all features that the MS Excel has concering page layouting.

Furthermore, does the Aspose component require a printer to be installed on the webserver where the application will be deployed in order to render the spreadsheet correctly, since this is a breaking issue when we use the MS Excel interop.

Best Regards

Gunther Weyts

Dear Gunther,

I have a question about your current usage scenario.

Do you use dotnet Excel interop to create Excel files with page layout settings, or to create web pages with page layout settings?

Aspose.Excel supports to set all these page layout settings in Excel spreadsheets. And you don’t need to install a printer in your server. Please check for more information.

And please check for difference between Aspose.Excel and Aspose.Excel.Web.