Background - Image is splitted


when i try to generate a Power-Point-Presentation, the image of the background were splitted ever.
As you can see in the screenshot “before”, that the two grey bars on the top of the slides have different sizes.
“After” filling the slides / placeholder, the two grey bars are splitted and their size is changed.

Can anybody tell me why that is so?


Dear Karsten,

We will look into this issue and fix it as soon as possible. Please also provide us the source presentation and source code.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Here are the source presentation and the sourcecode.

Please let me know, if you find the reason for this problem.


Grey rectangle on the master slide has empty text and FitShapeToText property set to true so it’s resized.
You should create new rectangle without text or disable FitShapeToText property.

I've tested it by set all properties "FitShapeToText" to false like in the attached sourcecode-file.
But the grey bars are still splitted. Did i've set the property wrong or have i set the property false elsewhere?

You should set this property in MS PowerPoint.
After you opened this file in Aspose.Slides it’s too late to do it because size already recalculated.

Thanks. I will test it and reply if it works.

It works. Thanks for the good and fast support.