Background Image zorder


I have added a background image to a slide, however this image appears behind the MainMaster background, as if I omit background graphics from the master, I see the image I added. So I need to bring this new image in front of the Master background image. I have tried the following line;


but to no available. Anyone have any ideas?



pres.Slides[0].FollowMasterBackground = false;


It still appears behind the Master background when I use this line of code.


Please, could you post whole part of your code where you set background.

Here is the code;

int picid = doc.Pictures.Add(new Picture(doc, Server.MapPath(".") + "\\images\\internal.gif"));
doc.Slides[0].Background.FillFormat.Type = FillType.Picture;
doc.Slides[0].Background.FillFormat.PictureId = picid;
doc.Slides[0].FollowMasterBackground = false;


Call ZOrder is not necessary. It’s empty function for Background.

Are you sure background on master is real background? Can it be a large shape?
If it’s a shape try also:
Slides[0].FollowMasterObjects = false;

If it doesn’t solve the problem please send me your ppt file.


This still did not work, so I have emailed the document to you.


Master slide has white Rectangle. It’s not a Background so FollowMasterBackground=false doesn’t work here.
To cover this rectangle you can add new PictureFrame on a slide and send it back in ZOrder.

PictureFrame pf = Slide.Shapes.AddPictureFrame(picid, 0, 0, XXX, XXX);


That has fixed it, thanks for your help.