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Background Images - Floatingbox


It's possible to use a few images to compose a background for a page.

I know that i can use section or image tag to represent an image on a page. But with the backgroungImageFile attribute of section tag, the size of the image fix the size of the following pages. Perhaps, i don't use this tags correctly ; if it's please can you help me ?

I suppose that i can define an image with a size equivalent of a size page but i don't try it. I think that it is a method more interesting that modify the image

I used too the floatingbox tag but i look for with this tag to create a "background box"...

In fact, can i write text and put a floatingbox with an image behing this text ??

Sorry for my english,


Dear Mow,

Aspose.PDF does not provide such a feature composing several images to one and act as a background.

Please firstly use other tools such as .NET Class Image to deal with images.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your answer.

Finally, i improved my image