Bad image quality after export to HTML


After saving word document as HTML, some exported images has a bad quality. Here is a sample project: (1.7 MB)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open project in Visual Studio and run it
  2. Select a destination folder and press the button
  3. In the dest folder you will find aspose.html file. Open it in browser

You will see 2 images with green arrows. Some diagonal arrows are not looking very smooth. If you open source document in Word, you will see that arrows looks smooth:

screen.png (14.5 KB)

If you need more info, please let me know.



Hi Roman,

You can control the quality of the images using these options:

Here are the images from your document exported with the following options:

HtmlSaveOptions options = new HtmlSaveOptions();
options.UseAntiAliasing = true;
options.ImageResolution = 150;

word.out.002.jpg (102.0 KB)
word.out.001.jpg (61.1 KB)

Thanks for your help. This works of course and I don’t know why I didn’t see UseAntiAliasing option before.