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Bad results from simple formulas when reading Aspose-generated XLS into Excel

I've attached a ZIP file with two XLS files, once generated by Aspose (_Asp) and the other generated by automating Excel (_Exc). As best we can determine the Excel file has the correct results. The Aspose file, on the other hand, has clear calculation errors spread throughout. Take a look at the Income Stmt sheet. The numbers from Excel look reasonable. The numbers from Aspose are wrong (look at the Income tax in O30, for example.) Then, if you select O32 and hit F2/Enter, it produces a completely different number, which is also incorrect. Many other cells in the model exhibit the same behavior.

We make the file by storing input values and formulas into a blank workbook. In theory, Excel should be calculating all derived values when we first load the workbook.



Please try this attached version.

It's better, but there are still errors that occur in the cells in the range Expense!E5:O8. These all correct themselves when you select them and type F2/Enter.

Your support responses have been impressive. However, we are very concerned that you've had a series of bugs that are all of the same type, namely, that the cells just need to be re-evaluated by hitting F2/enter. We had hoped that there would be one root cause that could be fixed once. That doesn't seem to be the case. Therefore, we are very concerned that we can't rely on the accuracy of the calculations of spreadsheets produced through your product. Can you help assure us that we won't run across additional errors of the same sort as our formulas change?

Thanks very much,


Hi Howard,

We are rewriting our formula parsing and calculation engine as I said before and we are doing massive testings on it. Thanks for you help.

Please try this attached version.

This latest version fixes all of the problems we've seen so far. Thanks again for your rapid support!