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Barcode fonts- or barcode fields not displaying and converting to text after concatenate

We have a pdf created by LiveCycle designer making an Adobe 7 file which contains barcode fields.

When using the kit to fill in the barcode fields, the fileds show up as text and wont display properly unless we manually alter the field which updates the form and displays the field correctly.

We have also found that when using the concatenate feature, the barcode fields get converted to text fields.


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Can you please provide the template PDF and the code? We will investigate this issue and reply to you soon.

We cant provide our template but its easy enough to create.

Well its quite simple, we used LiveCycle designer to create a simple form that had a barcode in it, then we loaded it up as a Form object:

Form dataform = new Form("test.pdf","output.pdf");

Then we altered the data for the barcode.


Then closed the form standard

What we found in this method was that the form wouldnt render the barcode font unless we included some script to rtim the field and remove a space we had added to the data, this effectively forced the form to reload the barcode field and thus show the font.

However, when we created two of these barcode forms and concatenated them:

PdfFileEditor pdfEditor = new pdfFileEditor();


We discovered in another project that we had to change the field names becaus the data would become redundant accors the same field name in the form, after the field name was changed in the second field and performed the concatenate, the barcode fields had converted to text fields.

Something else we noticed is that when we took out the rename part of the code, the barcodes (along with th rtrim script) showed properly.

So i am guessing that it lies somewher ein between the field name rename or the concatenate.


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we are looking into the details for the issue that you have provided. Adding to this conversion issue, kindly take a look over 23327 as one of the client was also facing problem while using barcode, infact this issue is quiet different but if you could take a look it can help you out.

Dear jmcclain,

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We should admit that current Kit DOES NOT support the feature of Barcode. All barcode fields will be filled as normal text field, as the output file you ever obtained.
A good news is that we decide to provide support for your requirement, which has be logged as PDFKITNET-5309. The ETA is two weeks. Hope it helps.

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This bug has been fixed. It will be included in the next coming release, please notice our blog.

Best regards.