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Barcode for SSRS 2005 does not save symbology selection correctly

Dear Support,

Problem 1:

I'm using barcode for SSRS in my SSRS 2005 reports. When I select a symbology and save, it keeps the value but when I right click on the control and select the properties next time, it shows the item prior to what I selected in the dropdown.

To give an example, I selected Code39Standard and clicked Ok. Report is also produced with Code39Standard symbology. Again I right clicked the control and selected 'Properties'. In the Barcode Settings dialog it shows UPCE as the selected symbology. If I click Ok, then UPCE becomes the selected symbology. Also reports are produced with UPCE symbology.

It looks like a code bug in setting the selection while opening the dialog.

Problem 2:

I am trying to print a string '*0000000001*', 10 character alphanumeric between *s using Code39Standard. It brings up a very long barcode. Is there any way t oreduce the overall width of the barcode without affecting the ratio between the wide bar and narrow bar (3:1).

I need the size of how it looks in Excel with the font Free 3 of 9 with 28 font size.




We are looking into these issue and will get back to you shortly.

For issue 1, as a workaround, you can use Visual Studio IDE properties to set the Symbology type and other barcode properties. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix this and update you about the solution.