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Basic Query Regarding Aspose.Slides Support

I am trying to reach someone from the Aspose Team regarding some queries on the features of the Presentation library they have to offer and whether or not their library can provide the necessary services as per our requirement as well as after sale support during development. It would be helpful if I can get in contact with someone who can look through my requirements and provide me necessary feedback before i make the purchase.

Welcome to our community! Thank you for contacting support. Please describe your requirements here. Then we will prepare the relevant information for you.

I want to attach a sample document with all the required shapes, animation, custom theme and background. if you can have a look at it and confirm with me if all the requirements can be achieved by the library i would be very grateful. but it seems i cannot upload a pptx file. or is there any other mode of communication we can get in contact.

You can compress your files to a ZIP archive and upload it.

We do our best to serve our clients and customers. We will help you with any difficulties you face.

thank you for pointing that out. here is the sample. our main concern is the animations for the different components in each slide. Sample.7z (126.6 KB)

This presentation contains slides with a background, animated shapes and animated paragraphs. Aspose.Slides has all features for generating such a presentation.

You can set the slide background as shown below:

var image = new Bitmap("background.jpg");
var background = presentation.Images.AddImage(image);

slide.Background.Type = BackgroundType.OwnBackground;

var fillFormat = slide.Background.FillFormat;
fillFormat.FillType = FillType.Picture;
fillFormat.PictureFillFormat.PictureFillMode = PictureFillMode.Stretch;
fillFormat.PictureFillFormat.Picture.Image = background;

A shape can be animated like this:

    shape, EffectType.Appear, EffectSubtype.None, EffectTriggerType.OnClick);

You can add an animated paragraph as shown below:

var paragraph = new Paragraph();
paragraph.Text = "Paragraph 1";

    paragraph, EffectType.Appear, EffectSubtype.None, EffectTriggerType.OnClick);

Presentation Background, Shape Animation, Animated Text

API Reference:
Slide Class, AutoShape Class, Paragraph Class, AnimationTimeLine Class

Thank you for the reply. I will like to keep this thread open for some time. i will be developing a demo sample using aspose now. If i have any queries i would like to continue sharing it here.

We will be glad to help you.

Hi, Need some help.

If you were to check silde #2 you will see two columns of bullets texts and each line has a separate appear animation. How can i replicate this with my code? can you share an example?

To add paragraphs with bullets and animations, please take a look at the next code example:

using (var presentation = new Presentation())
    var slide = presentation.Slides[0];

    var autoShape = slide.Shapes.AddAutoShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, 20, 20, 400, 300);

    autoShape.FillFormat.FillType = FillType.NoFill;
    autoShape.LineFormat.FillFormat.FillType = FillType.NoFill;

    autoShape.TextFrame.TextFrameFormat.AnchoringType = TextAnchorType.Top;
    AddFormattedParagraph(slide, autoShape, "Meticulous");
    AddFormattedParagraph(slide, autoShape, "Dependable");
    AddFormattedParagraph(slide, autoShape, "Logical, structured");

    presentation.Save("example.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);
static void AddFormattedParagraph(ISlide slide, IAutoShape autoShape, string paragraphText)
    var paragraph = new Paragraph();
    paragraph.Text = paragraphText;

    paragraph.ParagraphFormat.DefaultPortionFormat.FillFormat.FillType = FillType.Solid;
    paragraph.ParagraphFormat.DefaultPortionFormat.FillFormat.SolidFillColor.Color = Color.Black;
    paragraph.ParagraphFormat.Bullet.Type = BulletType.Symbol;
    paragraph.ParagraphFormat.Bullet.Char = Convert.ToChar(8226);
    paragraph.ParagraphFormat.Indent = 30;


        paragraph, EffectType.Appear, EffectSubtype.None, EffectTriggerType.OnClick);

More examples:
Manage Paragraph
Text Formatting

API Reference:
IParagraphFormat Interface

Hi, I want to know how many slides in total can be created using the Trial Version of the the Library that i have been using.

I have not found any restrictions for creating slides in the trial version of Aspose.Slides. There seems to be no limit to that.

Documents: Licensing

so its just the watermark. correct?

Far as I can see, you are also limited to one slide when extracting texts from presentation slides.

Thank you so much for helping. I have managed to create a proper working sample to showcase to my client. just need one more help. How do i underline and italicize specific words in a text before or after i put it inside a paragraph/textform?

The following code snippet shows you how to format text portions (underline and italic).

// set underline style for a text portion
var portion1 = new Portion("Hello");
portion1.PortionFormat.FontUnderline = TextUnderlineType.Single;

paragraph.Portions.Add(new Portion(", "));

// set italic style for a text portion
var portion2 = new Portion("Aspose!");
portion2.PortionFormat.FontItalic = NullableBool.True;

You can also change the text formatting when it has already been added earlier to a presentation.

Documents: Text Formatting
API Reference: Portion Class, IPortionFormat Interface

Hi. How do i Adjust the hanging indentation of this bullet list

image.png (56.7 KB)

this the code snippet i am using

for (var i = 0; i < splitdata.Length; i++)
Paragraph paragraph2 = new Paragraph();
paragraph2.ParagraphFormat.Bullet.Type = BulletType.Symbol;
paragraph2.ParagraphFormat.Indent = 15;
paragraph2.ParagraphFormat.Bullet.Height = 100;
paragraph2.Text = splitdata[i].Trim().Replace("\u2184", “,”);
paragraph2.Portions[0].PortionFormat.LatinFont = new FontData(“Times New Roman”);

it says this line “paragraph2.ParagraphFormat.Indent = 15;” can adjust hanging indent too. but if i enter negative values it only increased the indentation between the bullet and the first line.

Please try to use MarginLeft and Indent properties together to achieve a desired view of the list.

paragraph.ParagraphFormat.MarginLeft = 30;

API Reference: IParagraphFormat Interface

If the issue persists, please share a presentation file created by PowerPoint application that contains a list with desired indents.

Hi again. need some help. we have got the aspose license and everything is working perfectly. however my client is requesting a change.

image.png (12.4 KB)

If you check the image i have some data in that table cell. this data is dynamic and the length of this data will differ in every case. the cell width is fixed so the text is being wrapped to fit in the cell. hence the text is being broken into multiple levels automatically. However my client requires that only the last level is underlined rather than the entire text. Can this be achieved in any way.

currently the only line i am using in my code is
newshape2.Rows[0][1].TextFrame.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].PortionFormat.FontUnderline = TextUnderlineType.Single; - but this underlines the entire text.

Thank you again

Thank you for the issue description. We will reply to you as soon as possible.