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Best approach to combine images and text

Looking for a recommendation on the best approach.

I have 8 jpgs with a gradient background and with text on them. I have inserted them into word and generated an ebook with your product, great product. The ebook looks great, except when I zoom on an iPhone. The letters are blurry as I would expect from a jpg, I tried saving the image in a emf format, with not any better results. It looks great except when zooming.

Next I tried using the Word text box and formatting it with a gradient and adding my text to that, I also added some smaller jpgs, company logo. When I convert to ebook the gradient effect is lost, only the text and smaller company logo converts?

Any suggestions on what would be the best approach to get the gradient affect on the whole page and be able to zoom without the main text being blurring. The logo can be blurring.


Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, I cannot suggest any way to achieve this. As you may know EPUB is HTML based format. But EPUB readers not always render an internal HTML as it would be rendered in browser.

For example if you insert some image and specify text wrapping “behind text” and then type some text on top of the image, after converting such document to HTML the text will be still displayed on top of the image. However, if you convert the document to EPUB (the same HTML will be generated inside EPUB) the text will be displayed after the image.

So I suppose this depend how smart is your EPUB reader. I used Adobe Digital Editions for testing.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry.

What version of Aspose.Words are you using? Since version 9.7 textboxes are exported as images when exporting to HTML based formats. These should appear correctly along with the gradient in the EPUB viewer. Perhaps the output produced by this will look better when viewing on the iPhone.