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BIFF7 formatted spreadsheets

I have a XL file that errors on opening and the error lets me know that the the BIFF7 format is not supported. I have opened and saved the XL file again using XL 2003 (with a new name and without) but Cells will not open it. What can be done?

I am using V4.1.1.0


Could you please post your file here? I will check it ASAP.

Generally I think this problem is caused by that you save the file as "Microsoft Excel97-Excel2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook". Please save it as "Microsoft Office Excel Workbook".

Thanks. Saving as the XL Spreadsheet and not the compatable version did the trick. I have used XL for years and have never noticed the other option.

Is ther eany way I can force Aspose.Cells to be able to open the file as this is ment to be a automated process where the file bs being produced by a 3rd party.

Thanks for your quick response.


Hi Greg,

Aspose.Cells doesn't support BIFF7 files so there isn't an easy way to process this issue. You can try:

1. Ask your 3rd party to generate files in native BIFF8 format.

2. Or you can use Excel automation to convert those files to BIFF8 format though this is not an elegant solution.

Thanks. Neither option is really an option as it is coming from a large company. The reason for using Aspose.Cells in the first instance is to negate the need for Excel installed on the machines running the process.



We recommend you to kindly try upgrading to and use latest version of the product which includes support for older BIFF7 (Excel 95/5.0 - 2003 Workbook) formats with enhancements now:

Also, see the document for supported input and output file formats by Aspose.Cells: