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Binding Text Elements to Embedded Excel Data

Hello. I’m working with a client who is using Aspose to create PPT slides with charts that are generated using data from an Excel file that’s embedded within the PPT doc.

It would be useful for us to have the ability to also populate slide text elements with data from select cells with the embedded Excel. So ideally, if someone were to update the embedded Excel document, then BOTH the charts and the linked text elements within the slide would change to match the new Excel data.

Is this linkage between an embedded Excel cell and a PPT text elements something that can be created within a slide that is generated by Aspose? If so, can you suggest a high-level approach to how this could be done?

We’ve been thinking toward a VBScript that would run when the PPT is opened, check the value of a specific cell, and update the text element. But perhaps there’s a better way?

Welcome to our community! Thank you for your inquiry.

Please share and specify the following:

  • PowerPoint presentation file that contains examples of charts with the desired behavior
  • programming language that is used with Aspose.Slides

Hello! Thank you for quick reply.

Presently we’re using the Java binding for Aspose to build our PPTs.

The slides that I could share with you are already doing what they need to do with regard to the chart functionality. What I’m asking for is some input on whether or not it’s possible to bind a PPT text element to the contents of a particular cell in an embedded Excel. I don’t have an example of this to share with you. I’m only trying to evaluate what’s possible or not.

I’ve performed some research. It looks like PowerPoint documents don’t have the capability to bind Excel cells to text boxes. You can try to find a way using VBA. Aspose.Slides has features to manage macros.

Documents: Presentation via VBA
API Reference: VbaProject Class