Black line being generated next to image


We have a docx file with one image in the footer and when we generate PDF from this file using aspose.words for java a black line appears to the right of the image in the PDF output. We have tested this with the latest version at the time of writing.
Attached is the docx input file and the PDF output generated via Aspose.
Could you please fix this and let us know when the fix is available?

Document doc = new Document(“P19IT_048442495727_20130625T141343608Z.docx”);“P19IT_048442495727_20130625T141343608Z.pdf”);

Thank you.


Thanks for your inquiry. The black line at the right edge of bar-code image is actually part of the .png image. I have extracted the .png image from your Word document and attached it here for your reference. If we can help you with anything else, please feel free to ask.

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