Border issues in ASP



We use your excel component within ASP and have an issue with borders.

After lots of trial and error we came up with the following code to put borders round cells:

set test = cells.item_2(3,3).Style.Borders
test(8).LineStyle = 1
test(1).LineStyle = 1
test(2).LineStyle = 1
test(4).LineStyle = 1

This puts a solid blank line border round a cell but when we load excel click on the cell and click Format Cell to edit something it doesn’t work…

Are we doing it right?



You should set the line color at the same time.

test(8).LineStyle = 1
test(8).Color = RGB(0, 0, 255)


This works on our client servers but NOT on our development one - we get:

error '80131509'

and the code is:

test(8).Color = RGB(0, 0, 255)

We have just updated your latest version...


What's the detail error message? How do you deploy our latest version? To register it for COM client, please run the following command in .NET Command Prompt window:

regasm Aspose.Excel.dll


We register the COM etc and everything seems to work apart from the border colour...

We also don't get a very detailed error message - just:

error '80131509'

It used to work with the version we put on in August - it then just stopped working... so we updated to the latest version and it still didn't work...

I have tried uninstalling and installing etc put just cant get it to put a border colour on!


Please check'80131509'.html .

It may do some help for your issue.

What if you install your program in another machine? What if you set color to other objects?

And please try to install all windows patches to solve this issue.