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Bought Aspose.Word License on 06 Dec 2005. License fails with v3.3.3.0

Order ID: 051206152513
Order Date: 06 December 2005

Have tried all three methods below and cannot get my VB.NET code to recognize the license:

1. Added to the project and set the properties to 'Embedded'. It runs fine, but he output has evaluation garbage.

2. So, we copied the Aspose.Word.DLL to the ..\bin directory, and tried this:

Dim iFileNumber As Int16 = FreeFile()

An unhandled exception of type 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException' occurred in aspose.word.dll

Additional information: Cannot find license 'Aspose.Word.lic'.

Yes, it's really in the directory. We checked three times, and even copied it into the ORIGINAL install directory.

3. So, we copied it into the root of our D> drive and changed the code:

Dim iFileNumber As Int16 = FreeFile()

No joy. Same result ad #2. (We even added the "@" sign as shown in one of your other responses. This is apparently a typo, as it won't compile):

Roman said on 08-06-2003: Your license is okay. Have no sure ideas, there must be something really simple going on, try this:

Aspose.Word.License license = new Aspose.Word.License();

if that does not help try full path
Roman Korchagin
Lead Developer, Aspose Auckland Team


Does the application have permission(s) to read the file/directory?

I suspect when you received the license file and saved it, whatever program did that, it appended the ".xml" extension and the full name of the file is now "Aspose.Word.lic.xml". You probably run your Windows with the "hide extensions of known files" option turned on so the file is displayed as "Aspose.Word.lic" in the Windows Explorer. I personally can't live with "hide extensions of known files" on in Windows as it always ends up like in your case.

1. Yes, I have read/write access to the drive/directory; it's on my workstation and I'm loggeed in as administrator. I read and write to these areas using this application all the time.

2. No, it did NOT rename the file to an XML extension. It's per Aspose requirements.

3. With much fussing, I DID get it to work with these steps (non documented)

a) Add Aspose.Word.lic to my VB.NET solution

b) Set the "Build Action" to "Embedded Resource"

c) In the same properties window (in light gray) is the "Full Path", which I cut/pasted as a string into my application. This is NOT the path that I used when I ADDED the license to the Solution. Weird.

d) Then copied the Aspose.Word.lic into that subdirectory.

I have copies of the license in three places, and am unsure which one is actually being used:

a) In the original Aspose.Word installation

b) In my project's ..\bin\ directory

c) In my project's Source code directory [I think it's getting this one]

I do not look forward to figuring this out all over again when I go to deploy.

The exact process how the license is loaded is documented in the API as well as in the Programmers Guide.