Bubble Charts


I need to create a bubble chart. For each series in my chart I want to specify a particular cell for the series name, x-value, y-value and size. I have been able to set the name and y-value correctly but I can not find out how to specify the x-value or size for each series.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

Cheers, Anders.

I have the latest hot-fix.


Hi Anders,

Currently Aspose.Excel doesn’t support to set x-value or size for each series in bubble chart. We will support this feature in a short time. Could your tell me your expect date for this feature?

Now I suggestion a work around for this issue. You can create the bubble chart as your wish in your design spreadsheet and use Aspose.Excel to import it. You can change the cell data at the run time.


Hi Laurence,

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.
We would like to use bubble charts in this way in around a months time. We also would like to do the same sort of this for scatter charts as well (without the size obviously).

In the meantime I am sure I can use the work-around you suggested.

Thank you again,