BUG - 888 appears in the Title in place of Heading Content Using Version

When I use a TOCSection, I am getting the correct Number Heading for the section, but not the text content of the header. Instead it is mysteriously replaced with the number "888" and every few titles it gives only a small portion of the title that the TOC should be displaying.

Workarounds? Patches? Thank you.

Table Of Contents
1 10
2 11
3 12
4 13
5 15
6 16
7 17
8 18
9 19
10 20
the USA


Thank you for considering Aspose.

First please make sure you are using the latest version of Aspose.Pdf. We can't reproduce the error from your code. Can you please provide complete project that can reproduce this error?


Thanks for the response, attached is the project. (Made a few further edits, but still have the same behavior.)

Can you please tell me how to run the project? When I open the projects I get exception which syas can’t import project from “D:\Microsoft.CSharp.targets”.

I wonder if you are using VS 2005? This is running from .NET 3.0 using Visual Studio 2008 and is specifically for MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 environment.

Post build command uses WSPBuilder to package the project for sharepoint.


Then if you have a sharepoint instance (that you don't mind throwing away, say a virtual machine) you can run the executeable within the HWCG.SharePoint.Installer folder to install the .wsp.

Activate the WikiPrint feature.

You configure the WikiPrint webpart to run against a wiki, so you need to add a wiki list to the website and then configure the properties of the webpart, specifically the Wiki Name to be the same as the Wiki list folder name.


I only can generate .dll files from the project you provided. As you said, I wonder how to "configure the WikiPrint webpart to run against a wiki"? Could you please tell us what is the input and output of your project? Sorry we are not familiar with Sharepoint.

Thanks but I figured it out. I accidentally by force of habit had put a \n newline character in the Content property of the segment:

newSegment.Content = String.Format("{0}\n", ((string)wikiItem[FILENAMEFIELDNAME]).Replace(".aspx", ""));

Once I took out the \n newline the TOC rendered properly.