Bug: Removing Rows in Middle of an Excel document



  • Given an excel file 200+ rows long with 20+ columns
  • Remove <20 rows out of the middle of the document


Application will lock and consume 100% of the CPU. The lock occurs after the delete when trying to perform the next action on the grid (add column, insert value, ...). I have reproduced this problem with Aspose.Cells, so I am guessing the two are related. I have test cases to display the bug, but I don't think I can post them on this forum. I might be able to send them to a private email address.

Thanks for your help.


Please send your test cases to nanjing@aspose.com. Thank you very much.

By the way, which version of Aspose.Grid and Aspose.Cells are you using?


Aspose.Grid - Not exactly sureā€¦ it was posted to on this Forum by an Aspose employee to fix another problem I was having.
Aspose.Cells - Last one I could download yesterday.


Thank you for the test case.

For Aspose.Cells, this problem is caused by InsertColumn method. I fixed this problem. Please try this attached fix.

For Aspose.Grid, are you using Aspose.Grid.Web or Aspose.Grid.Desktop? And you can right-click the dll to check the version.

We don't find the lock problem in Aspose.Grid. But we find the performance is not very good and we will try to optimize it.