Bug when opening Excel when using freeze panes



We have a workbook that is protected and we have used the “window->freeze pane” feature.

After we have opened and saved the workbook through Aspose.Cells, the Excel file is corrupted. Opening the file results in multiple errors and Excel crashes.

We are using the latest 4.0 version.

Sample project attached.



Dear Christer,

Since your workbook is protect, please specify the password when you use Aspose.Cells to open it:

workbook.Open("test.xls", FileFormatType.Default, password);


That’s not the problem. The file is not protected from opening, so trying to specify a password when opening it raises an invalid password exception.

The workbook is protected from changes (the password is “password”), but the worksheets are not.

Please try the example Christer attached.



Sorry for my misundertanding for this problem. Yes, you don't need to specify a password for this file. I found and fixed this problem in attached version. Please try it.


It works fine with the new version. Thanks for the quick response!