Build a template engine on top of it based on XML



Hope all is well, I think we have e-mailed in the past regarding your PDF engine. If you recall we have been using Active PDF.

One of the things we did as part of using ActivePDF was build a template engine on top of it based on XML. I noticed your product has some XML capabilities as well.

One of our key requirements was the ability to databind data to the PDF document and produce dynamic pages along with merging in static content. To support that we built Data binding support into our XML structures. We have built a number of constructs such as Grid, Repeaters and other support that provides very similar capabilities that one might have with html but coupled with PDF output.

The way we built the template engine is that it would sit on top of a vendors pdf rendering engine such as your pdf product. To support additional products is simply a matter of developing a class that supports our 10-15 API calls and bridges to the vendors product. For example to get a basic version of Tall components working took about 2 hours, refinement would probably take another 6-8 total.

The reason I’m writing you is to try to start a discussion with regard to potential opportunities for both our business by getting your product supported on our template engine.

I’m not sure how the time conversion is between Colorado, US and your location but I would be happy to try to arrange a call so I could explain in more detail and we could discuss possible opportunities.



Dear David,

Welcome you back!

1. Now we’re trying here to discuss technical issues such as how-to question/bug report/feature request. So please post here further and thanks for your cooperation.

2. First please have a look at XML Schema.

3. Please consult Danny’s suggestion at about more database support.

4. Then go to PDF Template System to get to know template engine ideas suggested by other customers. I believe yours is different from that. Right?

5. Currently we’re mostly working on unicode issue, hopefully it will be available 1 month later. Then we come to the highly demanded feature: as friendly as possible for database. That is, use least vb/c#/xml code to extract data from database then dynamically create a pdf document. I believe what you want is that but I need your elaboration then we can make it exactly meet your needs.