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Bullet list is not appearing as expected

Hi Support,

I am having issue in bullet list formatting, its first row alignment is incorrect with extra space.

Please suggest to fix it.


This message was posted using Email2Forum by Tilal Ahmad Sana.

Hi Tilal ,
This is Screen shot I want to Share with you.
The first line of list is issue with a extra space

The code for generating it is

Document doc = new Document(TempPath);
string[] ScopeList = { };
if (objTemp.Scope != null)
    ScopeList = objTemp.Scope.Split('^');
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
if (ScopeList.Length != 0)
    for (int count = 0; count < ScopeList.Length; count++)
        var ug = ScopeList[count];
        if (ScopeList[count] != "")

            builder.CurrentParagraph.ParagraphFormat.LineSpacingRule = LineSpacingRule.AtLeast;
            builder.CurrentParagraph.ParagraphFormat.LineSpacing = 16;
            builder.CurrentParagraph.ParagraphFormat.SpaceAfter = 0;
            builder.CurrentParagraph.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Left;
        if (count < ScopeList.Length - 2)

Hi Mohit,

Thanks for your inquiry. It would be great if you please share following detail for investigation purposes.

  • Please attach your input Word document.
  • Please create a standalone/runnable simple application (for example a Console Application Project) that demonstrates the code (Aspose.Words code) you used to generate your output document
  • Please attach the output Word file that shows the undesired behavior.
  • Please attach your target Word document showing the desired behavior. You can use Microsoft Word to create your target Word document. I will investigate as to how you are expecting your final document be generated like.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what the problem is without the Document(s) and simplified application. We need your Document(s) and simple project to reproduce the problem. As soon as you get these pieces of information to us we’ll start our investigation into your issue.