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Bullet Lists


I wanted to create a bulletList for my PDF file but I couldn’t find a way to do it without using the HTML. Is there a way to do it? (I’m in C#)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Anouk,

Kindly check the following documentation links for details and code snippets as per your requirement.

Use System Defined Bullets

Apply User Defined Bullets

Please do let us know if you required any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! This is exactly what I needed!


I’m coming back cause I have a problem with the bullet. I added it and I could change the size of the bullet but I couldn’t align it vertically so that it should be at the center. You can see in my sample that the bullet is at the top of the paragraph, so not at the same level as the text

var doc = new Pdf();
(new Aspose.Pdf.License()).SetLicense(“Aspose.Total.lic”);

var section = new Section
PageInfo =
PageHeight = 794,
Margin = new MarginInfo{Bottom = 0,Top=0,Left=0,Right=0}

var headingSubC = new Heading(doc, section, 1);
var segmentSubC = new Segment(headingSubC)
Content = “bla”
headingSubC.UserLabel = “Bullet2”;
headingSubC.LabelAlignment = AlignmentType.Left;
headingSubC.LabelFontSize = 8; //Taille de la puce
headingSubC.LabelWidth = 15; //Taille entre la puce et le texte - unité = inconnue


const string file = @“D:/AsposeSampleBulletList.pdf”;

Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance

Hi Anouk,

I am afraid currently Aspose.Pdf for .NET does not support the feature to specify the vertical alignment for Bullet list item. For the sake of implementation, I have logged this requirement as PDFNEWNET-32028 in our issue tracking system. We will further look into the details of this problem and will keep you updated on the status of correction. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Thanks, I will wait for the fix then.

Hi Anouk,

Thanks for your patience. I am pleased to share that the feature requested has been fixed. Please try using BulletOffset property of Heading class to accomplish your requirement. Please take a look over the attached PDF document generated using Aspose.Pdf for .NET 6.5.0 while executing the code snippet specified below.


// Create Pdf object
Pdf doc = new Pdf();
//(new Aspose.Pdf.License()).SetLicense(“Aspose.Total.lic”);
Section section = new Section();
section.PageInfo.PageHeight = 794;
MarginInfo minfo = new MarginInfo();
minfo.Bottom = 0;
minfo.Top = 0;
minfo.Right = 0;
minfo.Left = 0;

Heading headingSubC = new Heading(doc, section, 1);
Segment segmentSubC = new Segment(headingSubC);
segmentSubC.Content = “Hello World”;

headingSubC.UserLabel = “Bullet3”;
headingSubC.LabelAlignment = Aspose.Pdf.Generator.AlignmentType.Left;
// headingSubC.Margin.Top = 50;
headingSubC.LabelFontSize = 8; // font size information for haeding content
headingSubC.LabelWidth = 25; // widht between heading symbol and heading contents
headingSubC.BulletOffset = 2; // off set for bullet symbol
// add heading to paragraphs collection of section
// add section to sections collection of Pdf object
// save the Pdf file