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Bullet problems

When I have bullets in text that I output (via InsertHtml) it loses formatting. That is if I have a template document with line spacing set to 15px the text will come out as that, but after the bullets the spacing goes back to a regular spacing.

I've included the template and the output document.

Look at the first paragraphs spacing compared to the one right after the bullets.

The text I'm outputting is really simple:

For more than two decades Ater Wynne has been providing legal services to Indian tribes and tribal enterprises throughout the United States. Our work emphasizes various aspects of tribal economic development, including project finance, land acquisition and leasing, energy development, casino/hotel projects, infrastructure development (water, sewer and communications systems), housing, and recreational and health care facilities. Our extensive experience has given us a broad understanding of federal Indian law and an appreciation of the unique aspects of doing business in Indian Country. Our expertise includes:

  • Casino development

  • Contracts/construction

  • Economic development

  • Employment

  • Energy projects

  • Environmental/water rights

  • Gaming regulation

  • Housing

  • International law

  • Licensing and trademarks

  • National environmental policy act

  • Litigation

  • Real estate/fee-to-trust

  • State-tribal compacts

  • Taxation/ERISA

  • Telecommunications projects

  • Tribal governance

In addition to tribal project development, Ater Wynne works with public and private partners in major joint ventures, assisting with financing, international trade, construction, regulatory and governmental affairs. We bring added value to our regional, national, and international clients through our industry knowledge, contacts, and Pacific Rim presence. Ater Wynne has offices along the West Coast and relationships with law firms in Mexico, Canada, Japan and China.

A representative sampling of current or recent projects includes:

  • Assisting several Northwest tribes in the planning, financing, construction and leasing of tribal casinos

  • Acting as project counsel for a Southwest tribe for major electric power generation and transmission facilities, including NEPA, public lands, air quality and other regulatory matters

  • Advising a Northwest tribe on amendments to state gaming compacts and on formulation of vendor/consultant contracts

  • Advising West Coast tribes on fee-to-trust applications, gaming regulatory, environmental and water rights issues

  • Representing several Northwest tribes in litigation involving employment, sovereign immunity, construction contracts and fishing rights

  • Serving as member of National Indian Gaming Commission advisory committee on environmental, public health and safety issues affecting tribal casinos

  • Serving as lead counsel on major port and light rail/economic development projects in Washington and Oregon

Related Industries:


Financial Services

Food & Beverage


Real Estate

Technology & Telecom

Tribal Economic Dev

Somehow the documents were not attached properly. Please reattach them.

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Here are the docs

That is because start of the html list is treated as a beginning of the new paragraph. And all superficial formatting of a previous paragraph (other than style level formatting) is lost as a result. That is by design as html can define its own paragraph formatting and some users would rather prefer that formatting to be respected than the formatting already existing in the document at the place where html is inserted.

To work around try using the following code when inserting HTML:

// Mark the paragraph after which the HTML will be inserted.

Paragraph startingParagraph = builder.CurrentParagraph;


Paragraph paragraph = builder.CurrentParagraph;

// Iterate thorugh all paragraphs inserted by DocumentBuilder.

while (paragraph != startingParagraph)


// set the desired paragraph-level formatting for inserted html here.

paragraph.ParagraphFormat.LineSpacing = 15;

paragraph = (Paragraph)paragraph.PreviousSibling;


Please let me know if this worked for you.

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