BulletChar Property Is Null while Reading Bulleted Items


I’m trying to read a simple pptx file created in PowerPoint.
If I create a bullet list on a non-main slide - the BulletChar is null. Although it works correctly if add bullets on the first slide.
Code Example:

        var storageName = "my-storage";
        var fileName = "test_for_support.pptx";
        var appSid = "<appid>";
        var appKey = "<key>";
        var slidesApi = new SlidesApi(appSid, appKey);
        for (int slideId = 1; slideId <= 2; slideId++)
            for (int listItemIndex = 1; listItemIndex <= 2; listItemIndex++)
                var paragraph = slidesApi.GetParagraph(fileName, slideId, 2/* skip header */, listItemIndex, storage: storageName);
                Console.WriteLine($"{paragraph.BulletChar ?? "[NO BULLET]"} {string.Join(';', paragraph.PortionList.Select(p=>p.Text).ToArray())}");

Attaching the code and the test presentation
Poc-bullets.zip (96.6 KB)
pptx-header.png (9.6 KB)
pptx-second.png (7.7 KB)
output.png (1005 Bytes)

Thank you

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