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Bulleted lists (<Heading>) in table cells

Our client has a need to display bulleted lists inside the cells of a table. In most of the document I would use a paragraph. to generate this list. Table cells do not allow Headings as one of the paragraph types which can be included inside of a table cell.

Please add support for this.

(If Headings generate bookmarks, maybe an alternate paragraph type could be added which would be similar to Html


To get arould the restriction on using 's inside of cells, I tried using paragraphs with FirstLineIndet set to a negative number.

The result was totally screwed up with text printing on top of text and nothing lining up correctly.

The table source looks like:

First Line

Second Line

First Caution

Second Caution

When the “FirstLineIndent” is removed from the elements, the text shows up in the correct locations in the resulting PDF. (Of course it is indented incorrecly since none of the subsequent lines are indented.)

(A more complex example and the source word document has been mailed to

Dear tbjerstedt,

Thanks for your consideration.

Please download the hot fix here.