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Bundling the Apsose DLL

Hi there,

I understand that you use Xenocode to obfuscate your DLL. In the past I haven't been able bundle your DLL into my exe using Xenocode for that reason (ie it has already been processed by Xenocode).

With the release of Xenocode 2006 Postbuild it is now possible to do this- if the publisher (ie yourself) allows the option: "Allow assembly to be reloaded". Do you plan to allow this option? I would really like to be able to bundle your DLL into the exe - as I have done with other DLLs.


Dear Shane,

We are planning to do it later but now we switched back to Xenocode 2005
because of bugs in current version of Xenocode 2006 Postbuild.
It sometimes loses assembly properties and public methods.