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CalculateFormula (Enterprise edition)

I read this response to an user who have the same problem:

"Your understanding is correct. While saving file in MS Excel, Excel will calculate formulas and save the result to file. Aspose.Excel can read those values.

However, if you use Aspose.Excel to set formula to an Excel file, it won’t calculate the result. So you cannot get those result in Professional edition. "

I need that Aspose.Excel calculate in run-time the formula, not after save.
But our company (Lafarge Canada) had the Enterprise version, and this method don’t work.

Please send us a clue,

Do you call Excel.CalculateFormula method before you retrieve data from those cells with formula?

And what functions are you using? Now Aspose.Excel only support following

And we are extending this list. Please let me know if you find some functions in your files are not supported.

Yes, I call CalculateFormula method, but don’t work. Is the MIN() function.

You can use Cell.Value to get result of that cell. Could you please post the whole function here? Or post your file? Thanks.