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CalculateFormula() not updating correctly


we have an Excel Workbook that we load into Excel. It contains a single formula (=TEXT(…) in A2). When I put a new date in column G1 (Date_Start) and then call Workbook.CalculateFormula, the text in A2 doesn’t get updated with

Regardless of this being a useless example - I could have set the custom format on my cell A2 and put the date directly there - I guess CalculateFormula does not pick up the TEXT() formula properly?!



CalculateFormula doesn’t support TEXT function yet. I will add it within one week.

Laurence, sounds good to me. Great, thanks


Hi Kai,

Now Aspose.Cells supports TEXT function.

I found a problem in your Excel file. Please click formula bar of cell A2 and press enter, then it shows "#VALUE" error. I think maybe the format text is not correct.

Please check the attached file.


great stuff, thanks very much. The reason for the error is that we’re using german formatting strings.


Hi Kai,

Please try this attached version.

Thanks for the update, Laurence