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Calculating the available height in a page


I am using the code below to calculate the available height in a page and then resizing an inserted image to fit into that space. However, I think I am not taking the height of the header and footer for the section into account. Could you tell me if you think I am correctly the calculating the height/width for the inserted image? At the moment the images are slightly too tall for the available space.

var shape = builder.InsertImage(image);
var ps = builder.CurrentSection.PageSetup;
var pageWidth = ps.PageWidth - ps.LeftMargin - ps.RightMargin;
var pageHeight = ps.PageHeight - ps.TopMargin - ps.BottomMargin;

var ratioWidth = shape.Width / pageWidth;
var ratioHeight = shape.Height / pageHeight;

if (ratioHeight > 1 || ratioWidth > 1)
if (ratioWidth > ratioHeight)
shape.Height = shape.Height / ratioWidth;
shape.Width = shape.Width / ratioWidth;
shape.Height = shape.Height / ratioHeight;
shape.Width = shape.Width / ratioHeight;
shape.BehindText = true;


Thanks for your request. I think, you should also take in account Header and Footer distances:



Hope this helps.

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Thanks. Could you let me know which of these two would be correct:

var availableHeight1 = ps.PageHeight - ps.TopMargin - ps.BottomMargin - ps.HeaderDistance - ps.FooterDistance;
var availableHeight2 = ps.PageHeight - ps.HeaderDistance - ps.FooterDistance;

Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I think you should use the code like below:

var availableHeight1 = ps.PageHeight - Math.Max(ps.TopMargin, ps.HeaderDistance) - Math.Max(ps.BottomMargin - ps.FooterDistance);