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Can Apose.Powerpoint Accomplish The Following?

I am looking for a server-side component that could be used on a web server to do the following:

1) Open a PowerPoint presentation (A) that was uploaded to the web server.

2) Navigate to a specific slide in presentation (A) and find all the CHARTS on the slide

4) Create a new presentation (B) containing only one slide (with some formatting and images)

5) Copy the CHARTS from presentation (A) to the slide in presentation (B)

6) Render the slide in presentation (B) as a .jpg file and save it

I need to know if Apose.Powerpoint can do this. Please advise.

Dear SlimShady,

1. Yes.
2. Navigate - yes. It’s possible to find all pictures on a slide but you can’t determine is it chart or not. It can’t be implemented in the future if you need it.
4. You can open presentation, delete all slides except one slide and save it as new presentation.
5. Yes, but it will be not possible to edit chart later because it will be inserted as picture.
6. Short answer - yes but it’s in development yet and many things are not supported yet. Please try and probably it will be enough for you.