Can ASPOSE.EXCEL Inside ASP.Net Be Called from a VB 6 Module


Can I call ASPOSE.EXCEL (that lives inside an ASP.Net application) from a VB 6 module and then pass information back into the ASP.Net application into ASPOSE.EXCEL?


Please check for reference.


I need to be able to call ASP.Net Aspose.Excel from a VB 6 module. Or I need to be able to pass VB 6 data into ASP.Net Aspose.Excel. Is this possible?


I don’t know your program architeture. Aspose.Excel is an assembly which can be called by webform application or winform application. So if you want to call Aspose.Excel in a VB6 module, please check for reference. Though it talks about calling Aspose.Excel from asp pages, it also applies for VB6 application.

If you want to pass VB6 data to Aspose.Excel, please check MSDN for interoping managed code with unmanaged code.