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Can Aspose help with a WYSIWIGish editor?


We’re building a desktop system that will produce reports using ASPOSE. We’d like to add sections in our report in which the user can write his own content. We’re limiting them to the basics: Bold, Italic, Underline, Super and Subscript, bullet points.

I’m planning to save this text of theirs using my own tag system. (For instance, if the system pick up , is will fire the method to change the bold property in the aspose editor.

We’d like the editor to be as WYSIWYG as possible, and I think I can manage with the basics like Bold, Italic etc.

But it just occurred to me that if I want to add bullet points to my editor, I would have to somehow enquire the Aspose assemblies as to what the bullet point should look like. If all else fails, I might try and get away with just using a star *, but I suspect that that won’t be good enough, and should be my very last resort.

Do you think of any way I can get the bullet character from ASPOSE, or any other way in which I can give an accurate representation of what the bullet points will look like?

First prize would be if Aspose actually have a WYSIWYG editor, but from someone else’s post I deduct that this is not going to happen.



Thanks for your request. You can use HTML or RTF editors as WYSIWYG editors. If you are developing desktop application, I think RTF would be a better option. After building RTF, you can load this RTF into a Document object and insert into your template. Please follow the link to learn how to insert one document into another:


Unfortunately, there is no WYSIWYG editor for MS Word document in Aspose and currently we do not have plans to create such editor.

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