Can I do what I need with Aspose Cells

We use Aspose.Words for Invoices, letters, labels, etc. and are very happy with it.

Now we want to automate a system that is done entirely with a speadsheet. Thiis is a system that reports on student grades. We need to be able to generate grade reports each semester and at the end of they year, produce a transcipt.

The gread report is just a list of 6-8 classes with units and a grade. It has a header for the semester and year.

The transcript is almost identical, but it has multiple sections (2-4) for the grades for each semester over 1-2 years.

Your Aspose.Cells product seems like I might do what we need and the Smart Markers look very useful.

When we do letters, I have an ASP.NET 2.0 application that allows you to select the recipients and then the Word merge template document. A Word document of concatenated pages is produced, which is just what we need.

The people here so work, with the system would like to keep in in Excel, if possible and need to procuce separate Excel documents for printing.

I am note sure if we can do this with your product, which is why I am writing this. I am also not sure how to handle the multiple repeating lines for the variable number of courses. We have never done anything like that with Aspose.Words.

I have attached a template with courses listed, but we would like to get the courses, units and grades from out SQL database. I know how to do that, just not format it for Excel.



Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, surely you may do your task using Aspose.Cells for .NET. Aspose.Cells for .NET is a spreadsheet management library, it can perform almost all the tasks that MS Excel (97-2007) can do, it has APIs for all the tasks and it provides no of options for the tasks too. I think Aspose.Cells for .NET perfectly suits your need. I think you can check similar demo (to some extent) for your requirement, check it out: `` (The demos solutions are automatically installed when you install the component using Aspose.Cells.msi installer, so you may open the demo solutions into VS.NET and check the source codes)

We also recommend you to check different sections to browse the topics/sub-topics in the documentation:

Have a good day and thank you.

Thanks for the response.

How do I use a repeating data section for grades like

Also, how I a printing all of this on separated pages, like we do with Aspose.Words documents we create?



Well, it's really simple, Aspose.Cells provides a number of options to do the task e.g.

1). create the template worksheet first and then add some worksheets to copy the template sheet several times using Worksheet.Copy() method, check the doc topics: and For adding values to the fields of the Course and Student info sections, you just input each student details in each worksheet and that's it, check further topics: , , , and

2) there are some other options like Cells.CopyRow and Cells.CopyColumn APIs that you may use for your task:

Moreover, for adding pictures to the worksheet, please check: Also, for adding formulas, you may check the topic:

Hopefully, it may help you, have a good day!

Thank you.

Thanks for the guidance. This is very useful.

I downloaded the trial of Aspose.Cells and looked at some examples. I would like to try the Smart Markers.

I noticed that your SmartMarket.aspx.cs example creates data adapters and does table mapping to create the data source and field names to us with Smart Markets.

I always use .NET SQL datasources (referring to SQL Server stored procedures) with our Aspose.Words modules like
// Create a DataView via the data source using Program and Term
DataView dv = (DataView)dsrcAdmitLetter.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty);

            // Remove Empty Paragraphs
            doc.MailMerge.RemoveEmptyParagraphs = true;
            // Do the mail merge from the DataVeiew to the document

I like to do this because we use a Gridview to show what data will be merged and I’d like to do the same with Aspose.Cells.

Can we use datasources with Aspose.Cells? I see there must be some way to get source and cell data fro the Smart Markers.



Well, you may use a dataview as a datasource using WorkbookDesigner.SetDataSource(dataView) API. Actually there are a number of options available for setting data sources i.e.., you may specify a datatable, an array, dataset, sql connection, oledb connection etc. Please check:

For complete reference about smart markers please check the documentation topic:

Thank you.