Can I extract data from RTF or Word 97 docs with latest Aspose.Word?


First off, my hat’s off to you fellas. Great job on all the APIs! My question is whether or not there is Word 97 or RTF support in the latest Aspose.Word product. I downloaded 3.0 and it still gives me an error if I try to extract data from RTF or Word 97 documents. The work around is to have the client save it in Word 2000 or XP format first and then upload it.



Hi Fred,

Thanks for your positive words. RTF is unfortunately not supported yet but Word 97 documents should be processed okay! Could you please describe the error you get and attach the problematic document?


Yes you’re correct. Word 97 is okay. Its actually complaining about pre word 97 which I don’t care about anyway. Sorry for the confusion.