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Can i use the addline method like this?

how can i use the addline method like yellow in C# ?

not like this
worksheet.Shapes.AddLine(4, 0, 3, 0, 10, 50);

like this

AddLine(StartP.X, _StartP.Y, _EndP.X, _EndP.Y)

i have to make a graph like this file ( not use rotation)

VBSCRIPT(not aspose)

For iX = 1 To iColNumber
iNextX = iX
iNextY = iColNumber - (iX - 1)
Set rTarget = rTable.Cells(iNextY, iNextX)
StartP = GetStartPoint(rTarget)
EndP = GetEndPoint(rTarget)
With Me.Shapes.AddLine(StartP.X, _StartP.Y, _EndP.X, _EndP.Y)


You might be able to add such a line. I have requested the development team to provide a code sample how to achieve your desired results and logged this issue in our database.

Once, we get some update, we will let you know.

This issue has been logged as CELLSNET-31172 .


Please try
ShapeCollection.AddFreeFloatingShape(MsoDrawingType type, int top, int left,
int height, int width, byte[]
imageData, bool