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Can i view the slides

Hii, I am testing the evaluation version of Aspose.Slides. I need my .net application to show the powerpoint slides on a form. And i should do this without installing microsoft office. Can i do this using Aspose. If yes please let me know how. If this can be done then we may purchase aspose because this is what our main requirement is.



What kind of .NET app? Web, Win?

I guess you could use GDI+ to save the images and impose the text over the image and then render in the app. It may be trial and error at first to get it right.

Its a web application

Actually we used dsoFramer previously to embed powerpoint slides in a form. But this works only if powerpoint is present. Can DSO Framer be used with Aspose??

Please check our PptBrowser demo.
It’s specially designed to show slides on a web form.
The sources are installed together with Aspose.Slides to the Demos folder.