Can One Remove or Edit Slide Comments?

Is it still true that there is not a way to remove or edit slide comments? An old posting in Feb 2007 below mentioned this fact.

<A href="</A></P> <P>Can you add a feature to allow editing and removing comments in a slide? Same would also be useful for "notes".

I am using "SlideComments" to markup a template so my code can easily decide what type of slide and how to edit it. However, I need to remove the comments from the end result; otherwise, the comments always get printed when you print the presentation.


Dear BrightStar,

Actually, it is in our to-do list. But in your case, you can do without it, because you can use any shape and add information in its alternative text property for this purpose and later remove them.

It is good to know it is on your to-do list. Yes. That is what exactly I have done (using Alternative Text) although it would be nice to be able to use comments which is at a higher level associated with a slide (not shape).

Thanks for your reply.