Can print document after its been asposed



I have a word document that works fine, but when I open it in word and try to print it, it wont print. Can you see whats wrong with it.

The only thing I use aspose to are with the header. I put in a number there.



Hi Anders,

Please attach a document and a code sample so that we could reproduce the error.


Try again. Don’t use preview - it sometimes spoils the process of attachment.


Here is the attatchment. I cant print page 2


The document you are trying to print is invalid. The problem is on the second page and it is not header or footer. I will be able to tell more after the short research. Meanwhile, can you please provide the template document, i.e. the document you have had before Aspose processing.


Sorry to say but the origional dont exist. Tongue Tied [:S]

I have notice that if you first save the file as xml and then back to .doc. It will print again.



This might have been fixed some time ago. Here is what you need to do:

1. Since you don't have the original document, you need to "cure" the existing one. It is great you found saving as XML fixes the document. So open the document in MS Word, save as XML. Open the XML file in MS Word, save as DOC again. This "cures" the document so it prints okay again.

2. Use latest Aspose.Word (I tested with 3.5 that will be released 30th Jan) to insert text into the bookmarks in the header (I think this is what you did). The produced document prints okay.