Can Recurrence work as a timer



I’m curious if I can use Recurrence to achieve the following: to assign a specific time to a task and have the application perform an action of my chocie at that time by triggering an event I could handle in my code.

I would think this is not possible, since web pages must be run by a user - they can’t run themselves based on a timer. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you.



Aspose.Recurrence is just an engine to calculate dates of a specific recurrence pattern - basically this is the most important and complex part of anything related to recurrence. What you do with the results of the calculation (dates) is completely up to you and it is not part of the component.

If you need a timer, look for timer classes in .NET Framework, there must be something useful. Basically you just need to tell the timer the date and time you want your delegate called or something like that. You just need to calculate recurrence dates using Aspose.Recurrence and use them to set your timers or whatever right.


Yes, this is the idea. But I don’t think it would work. Something has to be runnning in order for the delegate to be called. In a standard ASP.NET application there is no part that is continously running like that. Am I missing something?


I think you are right. Sorry, I don’t have any solution at the top of my head.

You might need to write another application that is just a service that does your timer things. Don’t recommend to try and use Windows Task Scheduler service though.

Maybe there are other products available that can do this sort of task scheduling. Maybe it is an idea for another Aspose component. In fact, I developed a system called Unitask in C++ several years ago to do just that - invoke any type of task based on some schedule.


Right. You will need a server-side component for this.

Thanks for your help.