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Can Smartmarker throw expceptions when simple template input file (data marker or formula eg: &=Products.Name ) isn't written rightly?

I found that when I input some wrong formulas or data marker, the aspose process doesn’t respond any exceptions or error alerts. For example, the template file should be “&=Products.Name”, but I input “&=Products.Name1” or “&=Products1.Name” carelessly, the application doesn’t return any exceptions. The corresponding cell is just blank without any hints. In this condition, if the template file is very complex,
I will check the template carefully everywhere to find where the wrong input is.

So if there is a kind of setting in aspose cell to open throwing exceptions or aspose is just short of exceptions hints for this kind of smartmarker fomula? I want to get exceptions as my application hints, when simple input such as
this “&=Products1.Name” (simple vertical expand)
this " &=[Order Details].Quantity &=subtotal9:[Order Details].OrderID" (subtotal, if I input wrong table or wrong columnname eg:Order Details2 or OrderID1)
can aspose check this kind of input, throw exceptions out of ?

Hope your reply, thank you very much! My company has bought your license, hope getting help from you!


Yes, Aspose.Cells will not throws any exception if your marker is wrong. Aspose.Cells thinks every marker as valid marker if it starts with “&=”. The reason is the marker is wrong for you or for your scenario and may not be wrong for others.

One thing which Aspose.Cells can provide is retaining your wrong Smart Marker(s) in the cell(s). Please note, when you use the line of code, the unrecognized markers would be preserved in the output file:
workbookDesigner.Process(true);// here "true" refers to "IsPreserved" parameter which means the unrecognized markers (whose source data is not mapped or found) would be still preserved in the output file.