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Can the aspose.excel support text block?


I want to ask a question:if the aspose.excel can

support the text block(文字方塊) object in ms’excel?

if it can support text block ,how to write the code?

Best regards

Do you mean text box in drawing toolbar? Aspose.Excel can import them in template files but cannot create them with code.

Yes,the text box in drawing toolbar.You mean is I can read the content of the text box,but can not create them with code?

No. I mean your can create text boxes in your template file. Aspose.Excel can reserve it in the output file. But you cannot access it. Also you cannot create text boxes on the fly.

Thanks,i see.Will you let aspse.excel support the

characteristic(access and create it through object worksheet) later?

I don’t have such a plan yet. I will investigate this feature.

I was wondering if you had looked at this further? I wanted to add a text block onto a chart worksheet programatically. I am trying to mirror our GUI application that has text blocks on a chart and I woudl need to take the text from the GUI app and replicate the blocks on the Excel chart.

Currently Aspose.Cells supports to add text boxes in a normal worksheet. I will check how to make them in a chart worksheet.

Hi Laurence,

Is this available in Aspose.Cells for Java?


Hi Steve,

Aspose.Cells for Java will also support this feature but I think it will take a much longer time. Now we are working on other features that are already requested by other users, such as images, autofilters, ... etc.