Can this software convert a word document to a pdf?


I looked for a sales e-mail on your site but was unable to find one so I am positng my product question here.

I am developing a product with a team of programmers that generates both word and pdf files. We are now at a point where we need to merge the pdf and word documents together and store them as one PDF.

Do any of your products offer a word to pdf function? Do they allow for concatination like datadynamics active reports?

Please let me know as we are in need of this functionality asap.


Dear alocurto,

Thanks for your consideration.

Converting word to pdf will soon be supported in Aspose.Word. Please view thread FormatAsposePdf - Invalid file format requested and post your requirement in Aspose.Word forum.

Pdf concatenation is not supported yet. We have planed to support it in the next release of Aspose.Pdf which hope to be available in late July.



Check out Aspose.Word 1.6 can now be used together with Aspose.Pdf to convert DOC files to PDF.