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Can we have WorkbookHelper class- please?

Hi Guys,

In our application, we show metadata for workbook. MetaData includes "Worksheet names, whether sheet is hidden or not" and now the client wants "Charts information" as well.

Untill now, what we have been doing is. We open a workbook using "LoadData" (reason behind using LoadData function is for performance optimization and obviously Open() method is NOT reliable at all for big files), and then loop thru the worksheets collection and get the worksheet name and whether it is hidden or not.

Now, our existing approach will not work to get the charts information because "LoadData" will only load "Data" from workbook. We could use "Open" method to open workbook and collect metadata, but as i said "Open" method is not reliable for big files. Also, when using "Open" method to open big file, the memory consumption just goes thru roof.

It will be very very helpful for us and i believe to others as well, if you could supply a WorkbookHelper class.

Main idea behind WorkbookHelper class is to avoid opening workbook and just get the MetaData about workbook.

If you already have something similar in place, could you please point me in right direction? or consider this suggestion?

Cheers, Bhavin


Thanks for your suggestions.

We do not support this feature at the moment but we can surely look into it soon.

1) It’s possible to only read the properties of the worksheet. 
But the data source of the chart is located on the data of the worksheet, if we only read the chart’s information, the feature Chart to Image might not work again. So, if some features depend on data, they cannot not work too.

2) Could you explain more about how to define the MetaData.

Thank you.